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There are lots of beautiful scenes underwater. Snorkeling is a convenient way to enjoy such scenes. To ensure your optimal comfort and safety, you must wear the best snorkel mask that fits you really well.

A snorkel mask is for protection so it should be able to cover your eyes, nose and forehead. It should be tight enough to prevent leaks, yet it should also be comfortable to wear.

Snorkel Mask Reviews

Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

The Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask by WildHorn Outfitters will give you a more comfortable fit while keeping your face dry. It may cause uncomfortable pressure if you are going deeper than 10 feet.

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Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask comes in 4 different sizes that can fit children and adults. The mask will not fog up so you can snorkel for hours without having to clear your mask.

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Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Free-diving Mask Snorkel Set

The Cressi Mask Snorkel Set can fit adults and teenagers. There are some issues about the mask fogging up. This can be resolved by rubbing kids shampoo in the mask to keep it fog-free.

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ProDive Dry Top Snorkel Set

The ProDive Dry Top Snorkel Set has a tempered glass lens that can resist impact. You can simply blow the water in case the water gets inside, and it will be expelled on the bottom vent.

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Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set

The Cressi Dry Snorkel Set has a clear silicone that helps you to see in low visibility areas. It has zero leakage. You will have to clean and maintain it properly to prevent fogging.

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Phantom Aquatics Velocity Scuba Snorkeling Mask Snorkel Set

The Phantom Snorkel Set has quick-release hinges that allow you to adjust the straps. It is not a dry snorkel but you can clear the water by blowing through it.

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Octobermoon Second Gerneration 180°Full view Panoramic Snorkel Mask

The Octobermoon Snorkel Mask has a GoPro mount and a feature hat that blocks air and water from entering the mask. You may need to choose a size that fits your face.

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US Divers Icon Mask and Airent Snorkel

The Icon Mask and Snorkel has easy-to-adjust straps through its Pro-Glide buckles. It basically does its job when snorkeling but it does not have an attachment at the top that can keep accidental splashes out.

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Vaincre 180° View Snorkel Mask

The Vaincre 180° View Snorkel Mask has a GoPro mount that frees your hand from holding a selfie stick. Water will not get into the eye area and water can be easily expelled out through the mouth area.

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Royal Journey Snorkel Mask

The Royal Journey Snorkel Mask comes in two sizes that can fit children and adults. The breathing chamber allows you to breathe without biting into a tube.

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Types of Snorkeling Masks

A snorkeling mask provides comfort and protection to the diver when underwater. As it is an important gear to equip when diving, learning about the different types of masks can help one choose the best fit.

Someone shopping for snorkel masks might realize how there are tons of options to choose from. This can get quite confusing, especially for beginners. However, knowing the basic types of masks can provide some input on what might be best suited for you.

Classic Snorkeling Mask: This type of mask is usually made up of one big circular lens. This covers the eyes and nose. This structure results to ineffective water sealing and liquid. Liquid will eventually enter the eyes and nose when diving for an extended period.

Single Pane Lens Mask: This is one of the most common types of snorkeling masks. It still has a single lens, but an area to fit a person’s nose bridge. It also has side lenses, but not as clear as the main lens in front. This is recommended for individuals with smaller faces.

Double Pane Lens Mask: Two separate lenses are used for this type to accommodate a relatively larger nose pocket. This will be more comfortable for those who feel that the single pane lens variety is too tight or suffocating.

Three-Four Pane Lens Mask: Although most single or double lens masks have side windows, the vision is mostly blurry. Masks with 3 to 4 lenses allow the user to have a better peripheral vision. 

How to Select a Snorkeling Mask?

Choosing the type of snorkeling mask based on panes and lenses usually comes down to preference, fit, and comfort. There are additional important factors to consider when selecting the best.

Aside from the type of lens, it is important to inspect the visual quality of these lenses. No matter how many panes a mask has, if the vision is blurry, stay away from it. Any defect or imperfection will be intensified when underwater.

Another factor to note is whether the mask has a purge valve or not. Masks with purge valves allow one to easily expel water that has found its way into the mask.

Without it, the diver will have to maneuver and sharply exhale to get rid of the unwanted liquid in the mask. This can be done multiple times depending on the amount of water that got in.

While a mask with a purge might seem like the obvious choice, one must also caution as this feature can also be a cause of leakage when clogged or used improperly.

Lastly, check the type of adjustable straps that the mask has. A single strap is usually more difficult to use. Double parallel straps are generally more comfortable and easier to adjust.

How to Use a Snorkeling Mask

In order to maximize the snorkeling experience, finding the mask that fits right is crucial. Once this has been accomplished, using and wearing it properly is the next step.

If you have long hair that might get stuck in the mask, make sure that none of it does so. Strands of hair that get stuck may cause water to seep into the mask.

Once this is finished, make the necessary adjustments on the straps. Check that it isn’t loose enough to let air in. It should also not be too tight as this can be very uncomfortable eventually.

Once done, go to shallow waters first and check if water is entering the mask when submerged. If it is, try to make adjustments once more until you get the desired results.

This can be done by adjusting the straps at the back of your head. If your straps are resting at the lower portion of your head, try pulling it a bit higher.

This action will pull the mask so that it tightens a little more around the lower portion of the face. This can help stop the water from getting into the gear.

Care to Take When Using a Snorkeling Mask

Before Use: A newly purchased snorkeling mask usually comes installed with thin strip of silicone during processing. This is attached to the lens and needs to be removed before using.

If not removed, it will cause fogging and impaired vision when the mask is donned. This can be removed by using a regular cleaning liquid or by scrubbing it with toothpaste. This needs to be done on both sides of the lenses.

After Use: Lengthy exposure of snorkeling masks to salt crystals can cause damage over time. After using, make sure to rinse it with fresh water and let it hang to dry.

It can also be soaked in warm water. The water temperature should not exceed 48 degrees Celsius to eliminate the salt. Make sure it is wiped dry before storing.

Storage: Storage should be away from direct sun exposure. It can be stored in a cool and dry environment. If you have other diving equipment, store the mask and snorkel separately.

Make sure that it is not stored around corrosive chemicals or flammable elements that can potentially harm the materials of the mask. Avoid using alcohol and other petroleum products to clean or lubricate it.

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