Best Flat Water SUP

The best flat water sup is well-suited to paddle-boarding in lakes, lagoons and other slow-flowing or calm bodies of water. This gear helps ensure that the activity is as relaxing as you want it to be.

Rounded head and tail are necessary features of a good sup for touring flat waters. Additionally, it should have one big removable fin to help your board cut through the waters.

Flat Water SUP Reviews

Adventurer 2 Tower Paddle Board

Adventurer 2 Tower Paddle Board is portable and rigid. It is built with military-grade PVC with drop-stitch construction. Because it is highly durable, you might not need to worry about cracks and dings.

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ISLE Airtech Paddle Board

ISLE Airtech Paddle Board features a tail outline and a wide nose, which allow it to offer a stable platform. It weighs 20.5 lbs. and can support riders within a 275-lbs. weight.

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ISLE Versa Epoxy Board

ISLE Versa Epoxy Board is an easy-to-transport board. Its dimensions are 32” x 10.5” x 4.5”, which give it an all-around shape. You can use it on flat water and on small waves.

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Surftech Discovery Board

Surftech Discovery Board features a wide area. It is great for both beginners and experienced boarders. Its 2+1 fin arrangement enable quick response to steering input.

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ACE-TEC BIC Paddle Board

With a keeled nose, you can use ACE-TEC BIC Paddle Board to glide easily and track straight. It comes with a universal fin system that features a 9” touring fin.

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Surftech 1106 Paddle Board

Surftech 1106 Paddle Board features a wide standing area. It also features a pulled-in tail that allows easy tuning and maintains stability. It comes with a soft pad that gives you comfort during long paddle sessions.

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Saturn Paddle Board

Saturn Paddle Board is an all-around board. It is ideal for both flat-water boarding and small-wave riding. It is made with a heavy duty drop-stitch fabric.

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Surftech Saber Board

Surftech Saber Board features a grooved standing area. This standing area allows versatility, which is ideal for beginners and the youngsters. You can also use it to ride waves.

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BIC Sport Paddle Board

BIC Sport Paddle Board is built for flat-water fun and small-wave surfing. It is designed with an epoxy composite construction that makes it sturdy and ultra-durable.

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Surftech Generator Paddle Board

Surftech Generator Paddle Board comes in a professional white and blue design with a matte finish. It can help maintain stability. Because it is lightweight, carrying it around with you is easy.

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What is Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has become one of the newest and most versatile sports in the water-sport community. With its relaxing and challenging tricks, stand up paddleboarding provides enjoyment and an action-packed water-sport experience.

The first stand up paddleboard is said to have originated from Africa where people stand on canoes to travel and fish in the water. Warriors use this technique for a stealth attack strategy during battles. In addition, Hawaii also has their fair share when it comes to the history of stand up paddleboarding. Surfing instructors have used SUP as their way to reach waves easily and “catch” them faster.

Stand up paddleboards are categorized accruing to their use and size: flatwater paddleboards are best for beginners due to is width and length; surf specific paddleboards are best for surfers who spend most of their paddling time on surf zones while allround boards are wider and longer than surfing paddleboards which is also known as the most versatile among the other types of paddleboards.

Balance is the key in performing successful stand up paddleboarding tricks. Your ability to balance while standing on moving waters will be improved with the use of this versatile water-sport. It is also a good way to relax and even include in your exercise.

Stand up paddleboarding needs a couple of equipment: a paddleboard which must be proportion to your body weight, a paddle that is appropriate for your paddling preference and water-sport clothing and gears such as a life jacket and a water suit for safety reasons.

One of the best things why stand up paddleboarding is a good activity to try is that you can paddleboard in almost any body of water across the globe. Whether you are interested to challenge yourself in exhilarating stunts or just to enjoy the beauty of nature while improving your balance, stand up paddleboarding is a new water-sport you will surely love.

Health Benefits of Paddleboarding

Sports are considered an exciting alternative for regular exercises. Stand up paddleboarding is a type of water-sport that provides several health benefits which fitness buffs are going to love. These health benefits range from reducing stress to a full body workout.

Recreational and cruising stand up paddleboarding provides relaxation which can reduce stress for the person doing it. Stand up paddleboarding involves outside activities which lets the user enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature making them more relaxed and stress-free.

Beginners can improve their balance and strength in stand up paddleboarding. As you stand on your paddleboard, you are challenged to maintain your balance while navigating the board with the use of a paddle.

Paddleboarding can also be helpful for rehabilitation purposes. Since this water-sport can be considered a low impact exercise, it can be beneficial for people to strengthen their injured muscles and tendons.

Advanced stand up paddleboarding such as surfing, racing and whitewater paddleboarding provides a full body workout which combines power, balance and endurance. This type of workout is best for adventure seeking individuals who want to challenge themselves with the use of a paddleboard and a paddle.

Whether you are a person seeking relaxation and enjoyment or an adventurer who wants to challenge yourself, stand up paddleboarding is a water-sport that you must try. This versatile water-sport have been revolutionized to combine fun and action all at the same time.

Types of Paddleboards

Paddleboards come in different sizes. The most important thing to consider when choosing the most effective and appropriate paddleboard for your stand up paddleboard activity is its proportion to your body weight.

The weight of the person will determine the type of paddleboard that will be most beneficial for them. In addition, the type of stand up paddleboarding which the person prefers also plays a major role when choosing the paddleboard to use.

Surfing stand up paddleboards, as its name implies, are best for people who want to combine surfing and paddleboarding simultaneously. Standing while surfing gives the individual an added “challenge” for balance and endurance. Moreover, this type of paddleboards is best for people who prefer spending most of their paddling time in surf zones.

Allround stand up paddleboards are longer and has a wider width than surf specific paddleboards. This type of paddleboards is said to be the most versatile type of paddleboards available in the market. Its wider surface area and longer length provides better balance and stability to its user.

Flatwater boards are best for beginners who have just started their stand up paddleboarding journey. They have pointed nose and wider sides which provides speed and better balance for its user. Flatwater boards are specifically made for flat water stand up paddleboarding activities in lakes and slow moving rivers.

The type of paddleboards that you are going to use plays a major role in determining the type of stand up paddleboarding you like to try and do. Knowing the types of paddleboards and following the standard rules when choosing the best paddleboards for you will help you maximize your stand up paddleboarding experience.

Get to Know Flatwater Boards Better

Flatwater boards are specifically made for flat water stand up paddleboarding activities. This type of paddleboards is best for people who are new to the world of stand up paddleboarding. There are several flatwater boards available and one must know the different factors that can affect the effectivity of their paddleboard’s performance.

Choose a flatwater board according to your body weight and size. Generally, it is a standard rule that your body weight affects the size of the paddleboard that you are going to use. It is best to check the internet or ask your local SUP shop on how to know the best flatwater board for you.

Nowadays, inflatable paddleboards are available in the market which is usually more convenient than the regular stand up paddleboards. Inflatable flatwater paddleboards can be pumped up in as fast as one minute depending on which inflatable SUP pump is used.

Longer flatwater boards glide over water more smoothly than other paddleboard types. They also provide better speed for racers who enjoy competition and a more exciting challenge. This type of flatwater paddleboards is also known as racing boards.

Flatwater boards are also best for yogis as they provide a wider surface area to use for exercise while above water. The downside is that flatwater boards are more difficult to maneuver due to its size.

Knowing your flatwater boards and its uses will be beneficial for you to choose from the number of paddleboards available in the market. These boards may have a bigger “body built” but provides the most stability that other paddleboards cannot provide.

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