Best Boogie Boards

A boogie board or body board is a short surf board used to ride waves. It is commonly used by beginners who are too afraid to ride wax or wooden long boards.

The core of a boogie board is usually made of arcel, polyethylene, and polypropylene. The deck is usually of crosslink or 8LB and the bottom is made of Bixby or Surlyn. The board is designed mainly for prone riding style.

The weight, shape, size, and material of the board affect your riding speed and performance. So, to improve your whole body boarding experience, it is necessary to choose the board that’s perfect for your weight, height, and skill level.

Bullet Proof Surf Ultra-Lite Boogie Board

Bullet Proof Surf or BPS is a small family business based in New Zealand. It manufactures different high-quality water sports products such as wax surfboards, stand up paddle boards, paddle, leashes, and boogie boards. It comes in two colors – blue and pink.

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The Bullet Proof Surf ultra-lite boogie board has a coiled design that’s perfect for both beginners and intermediate riders.

It has a soft foam-like core and a sturdy bottom that helps maximize speed and improve your wave-riding performance.

When you purchase a body board, you’d typically have to buy the fins and the leash separately. The BPS ultra-lite boogie board package comes with a pair of fins and strong leash so you’ll get more for what you pay for.

The biggest downside of this board is that it is built mainly for teenagers, children, and people who weigh 170 pounds or less. This board is not recommended for people over 200 pounds.

Its foam-like core also melts when overly exposed to the sun. So, it’s not best to use this board during the summer. You also have to keep it in indoors after use.

This product is best for intermediate riders and beginners. It is also built for people who are 170 pounds and below.

  • Great design that helps improve speed
  • Package comes with fins and leash
  • It allows you to catch waves easily because of its coiled design
  • Foam like material melts when overexposed to the sun
  • Not good for heavy people

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Own the Wave Super Light Weight Body Board

Own the Wave is a relatively new surf board and body board brand. But, it is known for producing high quality surf boards, body boards, and body boarding accessories such as leash and fins.

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The Own the Wave beach attack is lightweight. It only weighs around 1.6 pounds and it has a high speed bottom surface, making it perfect for those who like speed when body boarding.

This body board has a crescent tail and bottom rear channels that help improve your surfing performance. This is partly why this board is recommended for intermediate riders.

It also comes with a 12 month money-back guarantee and you can avail of the free shipping fee if you live in the United States.

You have to handle it with care; otherwise, you’d see crease down the middle and foam starts to bubble up after only two weeks of use.

This body board is lightweight and it is made of expanded polystyrene or EPS so it is not suitable for heavy adults.

The board is great for those who want to improve their riding speed, but it was built mainly for kids and young adults. Do not buy this board if you weigh more than 150 pounds.

  • Strategic design that improves riding performance
  • Light-weight and easy to move around/ship
  • Great for those who want to improve riding speed
  • Not suitable for adults weighing more than 150 pounds
  • The top foam starts to bubble after a few weeks of use.

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Lucky Bums Body Board

Lucky Bums manufactures sports and adventure gear for kids. The company sells ankle leash, stand up paddle trolley bags, paddle boards, surf boards, and body boards. The Lucky Bums body board comes in different colors – red, pink, green, and blue. The board has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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This body board has a dynamic design. It has rear channels, a high-propensity polyethylene slick bottom, and 60/40 rails. This helps improve your speed, strength, maneuverability, and control.

It’s solidly built. In addition to the slick polyethylene bottom, it has an EPS core engineered to be buoyant and durable while remaining lightweight.

The Lucky Bums boogie board comes with fins and leash, so you can ride it out of the box.

Unfortunately, the leash is a bit uncomfortable and can break after multiple drops and wipe outs.

Also, the edging might peel off just after a few days of heavy use.

Lucky Bums boogie board is designed for kids, especially those who are new to body boarding.

  • Dynamic design that improves overall performance.
  • Made of EPS that makes it both buoyant yet durable and lightweight
  • Comes with fins and leash so you can use it outright
  • It is made of EPS or styrofoam so it breaks easily
  • Its leash is not that strong, so you may have to purchase an extra leash

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Wave Rebel Malaga Body Board

Wave Rebel makes body boards and other surfing-related goods and accessories like leashes and bags. Their products are sold in various watersports stores in the world.

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The Wave Rebel Malaga body board has a seventeen inch tail and 12 inch nose width. It is around 5.4 centimeters thick and it is built specifically for beginners.

This board is sturdy that it could stand multiple wipe-outs and wild waves. It has an EPS core, Pro-Slick bottom, and XEPE deck.

It also has a crescent tail that helps improve speed.

It has a hard back that can stand pounding from the waves.

One of the biggest downsides of this board is that the skin of the board bubbles up when exposed to the sun.

The leash is also short. This could constrict your movement and hamper your riding performance because it can keep you from standing up fully.

While this board is designed with beginners it mind, it can also be a good choice for hardcore board riders who fancy wild waves and who do body boarding more than twice a week.

  • Simensions are perfect for beginners
  • Sturdy construction and a hard back that can stand pounding
  • It has a pro slick bottom and XEPE deck that helps riders feel comfortable while riding the waves
  • Short leash that may constrict movement.
  • The board skin bubbles up when exposed to the sun.

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California Board Company Switch Bodyboard

The California Board Company is a trusted surf board and body board brand in the United States. They also manufacture kickboards and surfing accessories.

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The California Board Company body board is only 36 inches high. This board has a fun design. It has silk-screen prints and it comes in different colors such as yellow, orange, sky blue, and blue.

It has a cross-linked polyethylene deck which gives a good grip. It also has a HDPE high density polyethylene slick bottom that maximizes speed.

One of the drawbacks about this body board is that the leash is not that strong.

Too much sun exposure may result to bubbling core materials.

This board is perfect for those who live in places who doesn’t get as much sun or those with milder climate as the board bubbles when exposed to the sun. It is also made for smaller people weighing around 125 pounds or less.

  • Decent grip
  • Sturdy.
  • Increases your riding speed.
  • It bubbles easily.
  • The leash is not strong.

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Body boarding is fun and is easier than surfing. Nonetheless, the board that you use heavily affects your riding performance and speed.

The size, materials, design, and weight limits of your boogie board play a major role in your ability to catch waves easily. It is important to choose the right one.

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